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January,1961 The Governor of Aichi Prefecture approached the Aichi Cancer Control Committee as to how prevention and treatment of malignant neoplasms could best be implemented. In June, the Committee answered the Governor's inquiry by stating the necessity of establishing a Comprehensive Cancer Center.
December,1964 Initiation of patient services. The Hospital had 333 beds.
April,1965 Initiation of research activity at the Research Institute.
March,1968 The present Emperor and Empress (Prince and Princess at the time) visited the Center.
February,1992 Completion of the new Hospital building (500 beds).
May,1994 Completion of the International Conference Center and the new Outpatient Building.
January,2002 Completion of the new Research Institute Building.
April,2005 Aichi Prefectural Hospital, Okazaki, joined as a member of this Center, and was named as Aichi Cancer Center Aichi Hospital.
October,2010 Owari Clinic, Ichinomiya, joined as a member of this Center.
July,2013 Completion of the Outpatient Chemotherapy Center.
March,2014 Owari Clinic was closed.