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President T.Kinoshita
Vice President T.Takahashi

Administration Office

Director Division of Management Strategy H.Kawatsu
T.Goto Division of Administration Y.Kato


Director Department of Gastroenterology K.Hara
Y.Niwa Department of Endoscopy M.Tajika
Department of Thoracic Oncology T.Hida
Department of Hematology and Cell Therapy K.Yamamoto
Vice Director Department of Clinical Oncology K.Muro
H.Iwata Department of Clinical Laboratories Y.Yatabe
Department of Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics Y.Yatabe
Y.Shimizu Department of Transfusion K.Yamamoto
Department of Head and Neck Surgery N.Hanai
T.Hida Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery I.Hyodo
Department of Thoracic Surgery H.Kuroda
K.Muro Department of Breast Oncology H.Iwata
Department of Gastroenterological Surgery Y.Shimizu
S.Kameshima Department of Orthopedic Surgery S.Tsukushi
Department of Rehabilitation M.Yoshida
Department of Urology N.Soga
Department of Gynecologic Oncology M.Mizuno
Department of Neurosurgery K.Hattori
Department of Anesthesiology J.Nakada
Department of Intensive Care K.Komori
Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Y.Inaba
Department of Radiation Oncology T.Kodaira
Department of Outpatient Service Y.Horio
Department of Surgical Center S.Ito
Department of Cardiology M.Yamamoto
Department of Palliative Care S.Shimoyama
Department of Psycho-Oncology Y.Komori
Department of Nursing S.Kameshima
Department of Pharmacy M.Kajita
Department of Nutritional Management M.Tajika
Department of Medical Safety Management H.Iwata
Department of Clinical Research M.Ando
Department of Medical Record Administration T.Hida
Outpatient Treatment Center K.Muro
Sarcoma Center S.Tsukushi
Risk Assessment Center I.Imoto
Precision Medicine Center Y.Yatabe
Regional Medical Liaison and Patient Support Center T.Hida
Palliative Care Center S.Shimoyama

Research Institute

Director Department of Preventive Medicine  
   Division of Cancer Information and Control H.Ito
 Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention K.Matsuo
Vice Director  Division of Molecular Genetics I.Imoto
Y.Sekido Department of Molecular Carcinogenesis  
 Division of Pathophysiology M.Aoki
 Division of Cancer Biology Y.Sekido
 Division of Cancer Systems Biology
Department of Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics  
 Division of Cancer Cell Regulation C.Oneyama
 Division of Immune Response K.Kuzushima
 Division of Translational Oncoimmunology  
 Division of Molecular Diagnostics A.Taguchi
 Division of Molecular Therapeutics H.Ebi
 Division of Translational Genomics Y.Yatabe
 Core Facilities M.Aoki
 Cancer Biobank Aichi K.Matsuo

as of September 1, 2018