Prefecture flower KAKITSUBATA

When Sir Ariwara Narihira visited the area now known as Yatsuhashi in Chiryu city, he was deeply impressed with the beauty of the area and felt consoled. So he made a Waka poem, with each line began with the 5 syllables which compose the word of the flower Ka-ki-tsu-ba-ta (source: The tales of Ise).
In 1954, it was chosen as our prefecture flower.

Prefecture tree HANANOKI

This is a kind of maple tree and is seen as a wild tree only in Chubu area around Aichi prefecture. "Hananoki primitive forest in Kawaure" located at the bottom of Chausuyama mountain, Toyone village, Kitashitara-gun is designated as a national natural heritage.
It was chosen as prefecture tree in 1966.

Prefecture bird KONOHAZUKU

This is a migrate bird of owl family and seen in Asia, Africa and Europe. It is also known as the source of the mystical voice of imaginary bird Buppousou. Hourai town, Minamishitara-gun is famous for the flock of this type of bird and for its hoot.
In 1965, it was chosen as prefecture bird.

Prefecture fish KURUMAEBI

Kuruma (wheel) prawn was thus named for its resemblance to a tire when it doubles itself, with its stripes in the body. It was chosen as prefecture fish in 1990.

Prefecture sign

This sign is a symbol of the spirit of progress of the prefecture toward the world, with its advantage of facing the Pacific Ocean. It also represents the hope of the prefecture by the design of the Japanese letters "Aichi" with the rising sun above the ocean as its background.
It was adopted in 1950.

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