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Research Divisions

Department of Preventive Medicine

Division of Cancer Information and Control
Division of Cancer Information and Control We are conducting research using data from the cancer registry in Aichi Prefecture, Japan and others worldwide to accumulate information that would be useful for promoting cancer control.

Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention
遺伝子医療研究部 Our research is aimed at establishing effective cancer prevention methods by elucidating lifestyle factors, genetic factors, and their interactions in determining cancer risk.
Division of Molecular Genetics
分子遺伝学分野Our research is focused on the exploration and functional annotation of genes/variants related to cancer development/progression through genomic and epigenomic analyses.

Department of Molecular Carcinogenesis

Division of Pathophysiology
分子病態学部We are conducting research on tumor microenvironment, metastasis, and cancer cachexia at the whole-body level to enable the development of novel cancer therapies.
Division of Cancer Biology
分子腫瘍学部Our studies aim to identify new molecules that can be applied as diagnostic markers and molecular targets of cancer therapy.
Division of Cancer Systems Biology
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Department of Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Division of Cancer Cell Regulation
腫瘍ウイルス学部Our research goal is to understand the mechanisms maintaining cellular homeostasis and their dysfunction in cancer.
Division of Immune Response
腫瘍免疫学部 The objective of our research is to build a solid platform for integrating various immune systems with novel immunotherapies for treating patients with cancer in a safe and effective manner.
Division of Translational Oncoimmunology
腫瘍免疫制御TR分野 The goal of our laboratory is to develop effective cancer immune-based therapies in collaboration with the Aichi Cancer Center Hospital.
Division of Molecular Diagnostics
分子診断トランスレーショナルリサーチ分野We focus on integrative genomic and proteomic profiling of gastrointestinal and lung cancers to develop effective diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.
Division of Molecular Therapeutics
腫瘍病理学部Our research covers diverse fields of cancer medicine in cooperation with many universities, laboratories of companies, and the Aichi Cancer Center Hospital.
Division of Translational Genomics
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Fundamental Research Support Core

Core Facilities
中央実験室 We provide various services related to managing shared equipment and facilities to contribute to advances in research at our institute.
Cancer Biobank Aichi
バイオバンク部門 In 2017, Cancer Biobank Aichi was established within the Aichi Cancer Center as a health resource with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.