Do you know Japanese traffic rules?

Basic traffic rules

A number of traffic accidents occur every year in Aichi Prefecture. Foreign residents are involved in traffic accidents as victims or assailants in an increasing number of cases. To protect yourself from traffic accidents, please abide by the basic rules below.
  • Pedestrians keep to the right, while cars and bicycles keep to the left.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way over cars.
  • Observe traffic signals and road signs.
  • Follow the instructions of police officers.
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Basic rules for pedestrians

  • Use a sidewalk whenever one is available.
  • Keep to the right on roads without sidewalks.
  • When crossing a road at an intersection, observe traffic signals for pedestrians. Where there is no traffic light, use a zebra crossing.
  • Before crossing a road, first look right and left carefully to make sure that no cars are approaching. When there are cars approaching, see to it that they have stopped before you start to cross the road.
  • At night, wear a reflector or bright-colored clothes whenever possible.
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Basic rules for bicycles

  • Keep to the left margin of the road. Get into line with other bicycles.
  • You may ride a bicycle on a sidewalk where so indicated.
  • It is not allowed for two persons to ride on one bicycle. Always grip the handle bars firmly with both hands. It is dangerous to hold an umbrella or other things while riding a bicycle.
  • At railway crossings or STOP signs, stop and look both ways before crossing.
  • Observe traffic signals at intersections.
  • In Aichi Prefecture, many foreign residents are involved in traffic accidents while riding bicycles. Please use caution when you ride a bicycle.
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Basic rules for cars

  • Never drive a car if you do not possess a valid driverís license or if you are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Observe traffic regulations, signals, signs and road markings.
  • When driving a car, the driver and passengers are required to fasten their seatbelts. When riding a motorcycle, make sure to wear a helmet.
  • Make sure to use a child-car seat for a child under six years old.
  • Do not exceed the speed limits indicated by signs or markings.
  • Turn on the lights at dusk as early as possible.
  • Do not use a cell phone while driving a car.
  • Senior citizens are involved in a number of traffic accidents. When you see elderly people, please give extra consideration to them while driving your car.
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