A Guide to the Water Supply
for Industrial Use in Aichi Prefecture



Water Supply for Industrial Use in Aichi Prefecture

   Aichi Prefecture began supplying water for industrial use in 1961 for the advancement of industrial activities and the prevention of the sinking of the ground. Currently, the 35 municipalities within the prefecture are divided into 4 districts, each receiving its water from dams constructed on the Kiso River, Yahagi River and Toyogawa River, which supply approximately 1.30 million m3 daily to roughly 380 business establishments.

Water Quality and Water Pressure

Aichi Prefecture has set up standards for the quality of water used for industrial purposes as shown below. Industrial water, however, differs from tap water in that filtration and chlorine treatments are not done.

  • Turbidity
:   Under 15 degrees
  • Hydrogen ion concentration
:   pH value between 6.0 and 7.5
  • Water temperature
:   Under 27 degrees centigrade

   The water pressure at the point of delivery is above 0.05 MPa.


   To maintain the low rate, Aichi Prefecture has adopted a Responsible Water System.
   Responsible Water System is a system in which the payment is made according to the water volume declared in advance by each establishment (Contracted water volume).
   The contracted water volume, as a rule, must exceed 300 m3 per day.
   The rate is calculated by multiplying the standard rate, shown on the chart below, per each 1 m3 contracted. If the volume of water used exceeds the contracted amount, the excess rate must be paid for each m3. (As with the standard rate, the excess rate is calculated by multiplying the each m3 exceeding the contracted volume with the excess rate value shown on the chart below.)
   A 5% consumption tax and local consumption tax will be added to the total of the standard and excess rate.

Rate Chart per m3 According to Districts (in Yen)

Water supply district Standard rate Excess rate
Aichi Water Supply District



Nishi-Mikawa District



Higashi-Mikawa District



Owari District



Concerning the Use

   The water supplied for industrial use is being utilized by many types of manufacturing enterprises, from food and textile industries to the heavy and chemical industries. It can also be utilized by non-manufacturing industries, such as sewage treatment plants, garbage incineration plants, public facilities such as for water fountains in parks, cooling water for ventilation systems, water for flush toilets, and water used for washing trucks and buses.

   Please make use of this plentiful and low costing industrial water supply with a stable water quality.

   Inquiries regarding the water supply for industrial use should be made at:Water Supply Operation Division, Water Supply Department, Aichi Public Enterprize Bureau

  • TEL
: 052-954-6682
  • E-mail
: kigyo-suiji@pref.aichi.lg.jp
  • URL (Japanese Version)
: https://www.pref.aichi.jp/suido/

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