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Anti-Cancer League

Therapeutic Community on the website of the patients and the Palliative Care Team of Aichi Cancer Center

 Welcome to the website of Anti-Cancer League(ACL)!!!
  ACL is the therapeutic community on the website for the cancer patients and their families, guided by the Palliative Care Team in Aichi Cancer Center, Central Hospital. The members are the patients who had experienced the palliative care during their hospitalizations, and their families.
  Various benefits are expected when the voices of the members and the staffs, which is not just medical informations, are shared by many people. Especially, for our out-patients, the solidarity would be given by feeling the connectedness with the other patients of our hospital, even though the cancer treatment usually takes long and easily leads the isolation.
  We pray your health and this website would be helpful to you.

Special Issues

  • Ms. Sato reflects her 38 years' experience after her breast cancer treatment
  • Prof. Neimeyer speaks his Constructivist understanding about the loss

Regular Issues

  • Voices of the members
  • Voices of the families
  • The list of the books for the Bibliotherapy:People read the books and think about the lives, illness and even death. There many books in the world. So the staff members recommend the books for its use.
  • Breast Cancer Support Group Report:"under constructions"
  • Co-Research of the Palliative Care with the patients experiencing the unexpected troubles after their surgery:This research is the clinical applications of the "rites of passages" concept. We ask the people who had experienced the unexpected troubles after their surgery to map their despair/hope feeling on our prepared graph. We could share the time course of healing of various situations.
  • Introducing Dignity Therapy:In Canada and Australia, Dr. Chochinov started Dignity Therapy for the dying and published their results in 2005. We are trying the same method in Japanese medical context. We hope we can help the dying to leave the message to his/her loved ones.
  • Dancing with Mr. D.:If "death" talked? This is the uinque project to study death by seeing the puppet show of "Dancing with Mr. D.", who is the personification of death. At first, in December the nurse students would experience this workshop and we report the what's goin' on that day. "Mr. D., what do we know about you? Are you a pain? Are you a grief? Are you a loss? Are you what could not be canceled? Are you final?"
  • Events by the palliative care team members:Notice of the lecture for the general/specialists, the conference presentations, the papers, the books by the staff members.
  • Voices of the staffs

*In English they call the malignant neoplasm "Cancer",
because under the microsope the tissue containing the blood vessels of it seems like the "legs" of the crub.

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