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Message from the President

president  Aichi Cancer Center was established in 1964, as the first comprehensive prefectural cancer center combining a Hospital and a Research Institute. Our Center has devoted long time to promote cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research as one of the members of the leading cancer centers in Japan with the Cancer Institute and the National Cancer Center. In 2007 our Central Hospital was nominated as a prefectural strategical foothold to cooperate for cancer treatment. By the cooperation with the other 20 local foothold hospitals, any patient at any place in Aichi prefecture will be able to receive appropriate cancer diagnosis and treatment. In 2012 the Research Institute was evaluated as a highly active, outstanding and international level institute by the external review committee. In 2013 the Chemotherapy Center Building with 60 chairs and beds for outpatient chemotherapy was completed. In 2014 our Central and Aichi Hospital passed through the newest version Hospital Accreditation of Japan Council for Quality Health Care. Also we celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2014. In 2015 Aichi Hospital was nominated as a prefectural local strategical foothold.
 In the Research Institute, a relatively wide range of cancer research has been conducted, and its research activity has contributed significantly to promotion of cancer research in Japan. During the past decade, translational researches to apply accomplishments in basic biological research for development of novel diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer have been emphasized, and new molecular diagnosis of hematologic and solid tumors has been applied for patients in this Hospital. Our Center has also provided in-depth training opportunities for new generations of physicians and surgeons specializing in clinical oncology and researchers in this field of cancer research.
 Now baby-boom generation has reached to the range of cancer age, and an aging society will expand the needs for medicine, nursing and hospital beds. Under this situation, more efficient use of the limited medical resources are essential and prevention and early detection becomes more and more important since early treatment improves the chance of complete cure. Additionally, promotion of a tailor-made treatment and a home medical care is required to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. All the staff members of Aichi Cancer Center are always trying to be a best partner of the patients to fight against cancer with an ultimate goal for the eradication of cancer.

Taira Kinoshita, M.D., Ph. D.
President, Aichi Cancer Center

Message from the Vice President

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