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Traditional Crafts in Aichi


Date when designated as a traditional craft

March 30, 1977

Major products

Tea ceremonial goods, flower vases and tableware

Local association

Akazuyaki Industry Cooperative
Telephone: 0561-21-6508
Facsimile: 0561-21-6508

History of manufacturing districts

One of Japan’s six old kilns, the area started producing earthenware (called sueki) in the Nara period (710-784). Glaze was used only in this area in the Kamakura period (1180-1333). Later, in the Azuchi Momoyama period (1573-1603), underlying techniques of Akazuyaki (such as Shino and Oribe) were established with the influence of development of the tea ceremony.

Features of the products

Akazuyaki features seven types of glaze (Oribe, Shino, Kizeto, Kozeto, Kai, Ofuke and Tetsu) and 12 types of decoration techniques (including herabori, inka, kushime and mishimade), which are used to manufacture a wide range of products from tea ceremony and flower arrangement items to household goods.

Manufacturing method

After being formed (with a potter's wheel or slab, or by a manual process), the workpiece is finished and dried before being painted, glazed and fired. In the case of Oribe products, coating on the surface is removed with tannin (extracted from the cupules of acorns) after firing.

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