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Traditional Crafts in Aichi

Mikawa Butsudan

Date when designated as a traditional craft

December 15, 1976

Major products

Buddhist family altar

Local association

Mikawa Butsudan Promotion Cooperative
Telephone: 0564-24-7766
Facsimile: 0564-24-7766

History of manufacturing districts

The origins of Mikawa Butsudan date back to 1704 (in the Genroku era of the Edo period) when the Buddhist altar artisans of the Shohachi family started manufacturing Buddhist altars with high-quality timber (including pine, Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress) transported along the Yahagi River and lacquer available in the northern Mikawa area.

Features of the products

In the Mikawa area, there was a custom to enshrine a Buddhist altar in a closet. For this reason, efforts were made to fit an altar in a closet, while enhancing the gorgeousness and accessibility of the altar.
Thus, Mikawa Buddhist altars have a low base, unerinagashi, and are characterized by undulating decorations on the horizontal boards supporting the pillars.

Manufacturing method

Nagoya Butsudan represents a collaboration of specialists from 8 fields (woodwork, inner sanctuary construction, carving, decorative fitting, lacquering, gold lacquer work, gilding, and assembly).

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