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Traditional Crafts in Aichi

Nagoya Butsudan

Date when designated as a traditional craft

December 15, 1976

Major products

Buddhist family altar

Local association

Nagoya Butsudan Industry Cooperative
Telephone: 052-321-5608
Facsimile: 052-322-6779

History of manufacturing districts

he origins of Nagoya Butsudan date back to 1695 (in the Genroku era of the Edo period) when Takagi Jin’emon founded Hiroya (a store specializing in Buddhist family altars) in this area.
Highly skilled craftsmen who participated in the construction of the Higashi Honganji Temple used high-quality Kiso Hinoki (cypress), developed the art of Buddhist altar fittings, and laid the foundation of what it is today.

Features of the products

Nagoya Butsudan features a high platform and mitsumakuri (three doors in the front of the platform that can be opened by lifting them up). The structure embodies the wisdom of daily life for protecting the altars from flood damage.

Manufacturing method

Nagoya Butsudan represents a collaboration of specialists from 8 fields (woodwork, inner sanctuary construction, carving, decorative fitting, lacquering, gold lacquer work, gilding, and assembly).

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