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Traditional Crafts in Aichi

Okazaki Stonemasonry

Date when designated as a traditional craft

August 3, 1979

Major products

Garden lantern, multistoried towers, pots

Local association

Okazaki Stone Products Cooperatives Association
Telephone: 0564-31-3823
Facsimile: 0564-31-1685

History of manufacturing districts

The origins of Okazaki Stonemasonry date back to 1590 (in the Tensho era of the Azuchi Momoyama period) when Okazaki Castle Lord Tanaka Yoshimasa invited skilled stonemasons from Kawachi and Izumi to improve the castle town.
The industry prospered due to favorable conditions such as the availability of high-quality granite from nearby mountains and ease of transportation of heavy stone lanterns down the Yahagi River to Edo and Osaka.

Features of the products

Stone lanterns were initially invented for use at shrines and temples. Later, they were used by the common people, and the range of uses expanded to street lights and garden ornaments.
Today, garden lanterns (including standing garden lanterns and hexagonal flat-topped Yukimi or "snow viewing" lanterns) and pots are manufactured as popular products.

Manufacturing method

Standing garden lanterns (a major product category) are made of Okazaki granite. Parts are finished with chisels and hammers , and piled up from the bottom.

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