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Traditional Crafts in Aichi

Seto Sometsukeyaki

Date when designated as a traditional craft

May 14, 1997

Major products

Tea ceremonial goods, flower vases, interior ornaments.

Local association

Seto Sometsukeyaki Industry Cooperative
Telephone: 0561-82-4152
Facsimile: 0561-82-4157

History of manufacturing districts

The origins of Seto Sometsukeyaki date back to the early 19th century when Kato Tamikichi and others popularized the ceramics firing technique in the Seto area. Later, painting techniques introduced by special painters as well as the art of drawing paintings of the Southern Sung Dynasty style led to rapid development of the handicraft and laid the foundation of the modern Seto Sometsukeyaki.

Features of the products

Sometsuke ware is made by drawing paintings on a white background and glazing the surface before firing. Delicate designs of kacho-fugetsu (which literally means flowers, birds, wind and the moon) are drawn with a brush in indigo-based colors. To attain a glossy finish, the kiln is kept at a high temperature for a certain time to make the glaze mature in the final firing process.

Manufacturing method

Clay is formed with a potter's wheel or by a manual process. After the surface is smoothed out, a workpiece is dried and fired without a glaze. Patterns are then drawn on the surface with a brush using Gosu pigments. The workpiece is then glazed and fired in the final process.

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