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Traditional Crafts in Aichi

Toyohashi Writing Brushes

Date when designated as a traditional craft

December 15,1976

Major products

Writing brushes

Local association

Toyohashi Writing Brush Promotion Cooperative
Telephone: 0532-53-4995
Facsimile: 0532-53-4995

History of manufacturing districts

The origins of Toyohashi Writing Brushes date back to 1804 (in the Bunka era in the Edo period) when Suzuki Jinzaemon was invited to Toyohashi (by the Yoshida clan) from Kyoto.
Brush-making grew into an industry in the Toyohashi area primarily because it was chosen as a side job of lower-ranking samurai, and hair of such animals as raccoon dogs and weasels (raw material for the brush head) was readily available.

Features of the products

Different kinds of hair are combined using water, which is the most unique feature of the Toyohashi brush production process.
This process is the key to making the brushes user-friendly: absorbing Indian ink quickly, but releasing it slowly. This is why Toyohashi Writing Brushes are famed as high-quality products.

Manufacturing method

The making of a brush involves about 36 processes, which can be roughly divided into selection, rubbing, combing and mixing of hair, fitting to the handle, finishing, and engraving of an inscription. A craftsman can make 50 thin brushes or 30 thick brushes a day on average.

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