Success Stories of
Foreign Companies in Aichi

Many foreign companies have successfully set up business in Aichi. Here are some of their reasons for investing in Aichi.

Bodycote Japan (Nagoya)

Date of Establishment February, 2008
Investing Municipality Nagoya
Business Outline Bodycote is the leading provider of heat treatment and specialist thermal processing services worldwide. We have over 165 locations in 22 countries. Heat treatment encompasses a variety of techniques and specialist engineering processes which improve the properties of metals and alloys and extend the life of components and is a vital part of any manufacturing process.
Experience and knowledge of our people would surely offer high quality, reliable and cost-effective services to manufacturers whatever their size or market sector.
Reasons for Investing in Aichi Aichi prefecture has many advantages for us foreign entities to invest.
  1. Location
    Aichi is situated at the center of Japan and allows us to easily access to other cities/prefectures in Japan. Cost of land/office is much less than those of Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka.
  2. Business opportunity
    Many well-known industries such as TOYOTA, DENSO, MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) and many others are in Aichi and naturally easy for us to contact them.
  3. Infrastructure
    Nagoya port produces the largest volume of products (inbound and outbound) in Japan. Airport and highways enable efficient transportation.


Date of Establishment 8th January 2019
Investing Municipality Nagoya
Business Outline PULS is the only company worldwide focused on the development and production of DIN rail power supplies. We concentrate our engineering knowledge, resources and energy on one goal: To be the best in this technology area. As a result of this focus, we achieve the industry highest efficiency in all our products, so we contribute to reducing CO2 emission and power consumption through our technology, for customers’ benefit.
Reasons for Investing in Aichi Manufacturing industry is concentrated in Aichi prefecture. We would have valuable opportunities with customer appreciating the value of our products and product philosophy. Our product policy is to create products that are used all over the world. Direct communication with users is very welcome and useful for developing high standard products.