Web Links to Municipalities in Aichi

Aichi consists of 54 municipalities with varied characteristics. Below are the web links to local municipalities for you to reference when considering expansion into Aichi.

Names of Municipalities Introduction Web Links to Municipalities
Nagoya This portal site supports business expansion into Nagoya and introduces the advantages and potentials of doing business in Nagoya (e.g. good location, world-renowned manufacturing capabilities, comfortable living environment for employees and their families). https://nagoya-potential.jp/en/
Toyohashi This web link provides the following information on attracting companies to Toyohashi:
  • Currently available business sites
  • Notification required for construction of factories and other facilities
  • Support for establishment of new/additional business facilities
https://www.city.toyohashi.lg.jp/secure/63037/TOYOHASHI%20Business%20Expansion%20Guide.pdf https://www.city.toyohashi.lg.jp/37438.htm
Okazaki Okazaki is located in the center of Aichi, and is home to a cluster of diverse manufacturing industries such as those of transportation machinery. The city is a convenient place for companies to locate thanks to its major road network, including the Tomei and Shin-Tomei Expressways, as well as National Routes 1 and 248. https://www.city.okazaki.lg.jp/1400/1404/1413/p003131.html
Ichinomiya Ichinomiya is an ideal location for factories and logistics, as the city provides excellent access in various directions with nine highway interchanges and Ichinomiya Junction. https://www.city.ichinomiya.aichi.jp/katsuryokusouzou/sangyoushinkou/1010102/1044301/1002621.html
Seto Seto is blessed with a wide variety of manufacturing companies, an abundant natural environment, and excellent transportation access to a wide area featuring the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway, Meitetsu Seto Line, and Aichi Loop Railway. http://www.city.seto.aichi.jp/docs/2010111001936/
Handa Located in the center of Chita Peninsula, Handa is home to global companies in the automotive and aerospace indsutries. We encourage you to consider locating your company in Handa, which offers excellent transportation access by land, sea, and air. https://www.city.handa.lg.jp/jigyosha/ritchi/index.html
Kasugai Kasugai has a population of approximately 300,000 and is located in the northeastern part of Nagoya. The city is blessed with a highly convenient wide-area transportation network of expressways, national highways, railroads, and an airport. The city has developed varied range of subsidies for businesses, which are among the best in the prefecture, and is engaged in attracting companies.
Toyokawa Toyokawa is located in the southeastern part of Aichi, and is roughly in the middle between Osaka and Tokyo. With an excellent public transportation system and road network, as well as with the mild climate, Toyokawa is a comfortable place to live. Currently, industrial land set aside for manufacturing and logistics industries is for sale in the Mito-one district. https://www.city.toyokawa.lg.jp/shisei/sangyo/kigyoyuchi/index.html
Tsushima Tsushima is located in the western part of Aichi and lies about 15km to Nagoya, which can be reached within 30 minutes by car via the Higashi-Meihan Expressway or the Nagoya Expressway. We have designated 3 areas based on the provisions of Article 34, Item 12 of the City Planning Law to attract companies. https://www.city.tsushima.lg.jp/shisei/shigotokanren/tsushimasisangyou.html?SLANG=ja&TLANG=en&XMODE=0&XCHARSET=UTF-8&XJSID=0
Kariya Kariya is located in the center of Aichi. The central part of the city is lined with automobile-related factories and is full of vitality. As a manufacturing city where industry and culture are in harmony, Kariya aims to be a "safe and comfortable industrial/cultural city, where people can live with prosperity." https://www.city.kariya.lg.jp/sangyo/yushi/index.html
Toyota Toyota boasts the highest value of manufactured goods shipments in Japan, and is a manufacturing cluster centered on the automobile industry. With eight expressway interchanges in the city and good access to ports and airports, business development in collaboration with companies from all over the world is enabled. https://www.city.toyota.aichi.jp/shisei/soshiki/sangyo/1037124.html?SLANG=ja&TLANG=en&XMODE=0&XPARAM=q,&XCHARSET=UTF-8&XPORG=,&XJSID=0
Gamagori Gamagori faces Mikawa Bay and has a population of about 80,000. Its main industries are textile and automotive parts manufacturing. In addition to convenient transportation for business activities, the city is blessed with a warm climate, a rich natural environment, and a good living environment. Please visit Gamagori to experience its business advantages. https://www-city-gamagori-lg-jp.translate.goog/unit/sangyo/?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=ja
Inuyama Inuyama is located in the northernmost part of Aichi, and is an international tourist city with the national treasure of Inuyama Castle and its bustling castle town, but it is also making efforts to attract companies. Inuyama is close to Nagoya, the center of Aichi, and its inland location makes it relatively low-risk in the event of natural disasters. We look forward to welcoming your company to our city. https://www.city.inuyama.aichi.jp/jigyo/kougyou/1001117.html
Tokoname Tokoname is located approximately 30 minutes by train or 40 minutes by car from Nagoya. Being home to the Central Japan International Airport, Tokoname has very good land and air transportation infrastructure. http://www.city.tokoname.aichi.jp/jigyosha/yuchi/1001238.html
Konan Konan is located on the southern bank of the clear Kiso River in the northern part of the Nobi Plain. With its mild climate and natural environment, it is an ideal place to live. Konan has been urbanized as a commuter city and has become a major city in the northern part of Owari, Aichi. https://www.city.konan.lg.jp/jigyou/shoukou/1005753/1003089/1005434/1003094.html
Inazawa Inazawa, known for the "Konomiya Hadaka Festival" and as one of the four major plant production areas, is located in the center of the Nobi Plain and is easily accessible from the center of Nagoya. We are looking forward to welcoming your business to Inazawa City, which offers a wide range of support policy for companies.
Tokai Tokai is the largest steel base in the central Japan region, with steel companies lining the waterfront area. In addition to industry, the city is also famous for its agricultural products such as orchids and butterburs. https://www.city.tokai.aichi.jp/business/1002969/index.html
Chita Chita has excellent access to the Port of Nagoya, the Central Japan International Airport, and expressway interchanges, all of which can be reached only 30 minutes by car! Being a disaster-resistant town built on inland hilly terrain, Chita offers many advantages as a business location! We will continue to actively create industrial sites. Please consider locating your business in Chita! https://www.city.chita.lg.jp/docs/2020032600052/
Chiryu Located almost in the center of Aichi, Chiryu is a key transportation hub in the West Mikawa region, being at the intersection of several national and prefectural highways. The city is also close to ports and airports. It provides convenient transportation and an excellent business environment for companies that are expanding their business globally. https://www.city.chiryu.aichi.jp/jigyosha/yuchi/index.html
Owariasahi Owariasahi is adjacent to Nagoya and has good transportation access via railroads and highways. At the same time, the city is blessed with abundant greenery including forest parks and is characterized by both urban convenience and a rich natural environment. https://www.city.owariasahi.lg.jp/kurasi/sangyou/shoukou/jigyosyo.html
Takahama Takahama is located 25 km southeast of Nagoya, and is a hub for land transportation to connect the Nishi-Mikawa and Chita regions, with transportation infrastructure such as National Route 419 and the Kinuura Bridge. It is also a hub for marine transportation through the Port of Kinuura. https://www.city.takahama.lg.jp/soshiki/tokei/1674.html
Toyoake Toyoake is located adjacent to the southern part of Nagoya, with a population of 69,000 and an area of 23.22 square kilometers. Nurtured by a lush natural environment and rich history, the city offers a comfortable living environment and continues to develop as a part of the Nagoya metropolitan area. https://www.city.toyoake.lg.jp/9639.htm
Nisshin Nisshin is blessed with lush greenery in spite of its location in the vicinity of urbanized areas. It is a residential city where nature and a good living environment exist in harmony, and it is also a campus city with five universities. If you are interested in locating your business in Nisshin, please contact the New Enterprise Attraction Office. https://www.city.nisshin.lg.jp/department/sangyoseisaku/kigyoyuti/kurashi/sangyo/syougyou/9607.html
Tahara Tahara is home to a concentration of renewable energy power plants, industry centered on the automotive industry, and an agricultural sector which is top-class in Japan. Please contact us if you are looking for large-scale sites or sites close to the port. https://www.city.tahara.aichi.jp/kankou/kigyoricchi/1007376/1007699/index.html
Kiyosu Adjacent to the large city of Nagoya, Kiyosu is blessed with abundant natural, historical, and tourist resources, as well as access to a network of expressways and national highways, and to railroads such as the JR Tokai Line and Nagoya Railroad. https://www.city.kiyosu.aichi.jp/jigyosha_joho/shigoto_sangyo/kigyoyuchi.html
Togo About two-thirds of Togo is within a 5 km radius of the Tomei-Miyoshi Interchange, and the area is blessed with a high-speed transportation network. Incentives are provided to companies that build new/additional factories in designated locations as per our urban planning master plan. https://www.town.aichi-togo.lg.jp/soshikikarasagasu/sangyoshinkoka/gyomuannai/6/1/3053.html
Kota Located in the south-central part of Aichi, Koda is a major transportation hub connecting the inland industrial area of the West Mikawa region and the coastal industrial area of the East Mikawa region. It is a good location for companies, blessed with its excellent transportation access and a mild climate. https://www.town.kota.lg.jp/soshiki/3/7934.html