For Foreigners Starting a New Life

Welcome to Aichi Prefecture.
You must be excited to get your life in Japan started to fulfill your hopes and dreams. At the same time, you may be feeling quite anxious about living in the country with different culture and customs. The materials introduced here will help reduce such anxiety.

Learning with them will help you better understand Japan’s culture and customs, get used to your new life here sooner,
and communicate better with more people. Why don’t you start today?


Download Support Guidebook for your use.

Video Learning

  • 2-4
    What is “5S” That Is Considered Important for Work?

  • 2-5
    Understanding Work Rules to Be Followed

  • 2-6
    To Avoid Making Mistakes at Work

  • 3-1
    Understanding Rules about Garbage Disposal

  • 3-2
    For Better Communication with Neighbors

  • 3-4
    Responding to an Earthquake without Panicking

  • 4-1
    Understanding Traffic Rules in Japan

  • 7-5
    Calling 119 to Ask for Help in a Fire or a Medical Emergency