About international driver's license

Driver's license

When you drive in Japan, you need an international license that was issued by a signee to the Geneva Convention or a driver's licence that you got in Japan.

For details, please ask someone at the Aichi Prefecture Driver's License Bureau or the Higashi Mikawa Driver's License Center.

Aichi Prefecture Driverís License Bureau [map image]
Aichi Prefecture Driver's License Bureau
Tel: 052-801-3211
2845-409 Kuroishi, Hirabari, Tenpaku-cho, Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya


Higashi Mikawa Driverís License Center [map image]
Higashi Mikawa Driver's License Center
Tel: 0533-85-7181
2-7 Kanayanishi-machi, Toyokawa
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Car insurance

It is recommended that you subscribe to the voluntary insurance (nin-i hoken) in addition to the compulsory insurance (kyosei-hoken), so that you can prepare yourself for a possible car accident and cope with potential compensation for damages.

Compulsory insurance (Automobile collision liability insurance)

An owner of a car or a motorcycle is required to subscribe to this insurance under the Automobile Liability Security Law. You have to buy the insurance when purchasing an automobile or having a periodical, legally-mandated inspection (shaken) of your car. An insurance agency (including car dealers and car inspection shops) handles the application process.

Voluntary insurance

This voluntary subscription insurance covers compensation for damages inflicted on the vehicles and passengers involved (because such compensation is not covered by the compulsory insurance), and indemnifies you for damages beyond the limit of compulsory insurance.

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